Sunday, February 9, 2014

i'm sure

winter trees

Has the sun shined this year yet? I'm not sure. Oh, yeah, it's peeked through a time or two for an hour or so, but has it had one whole day to itself? I can't remember it. I'm not sure. 


A weekend ago, our town was covered and stayed frozen with ice until this weekend when the clouds dropped snow. On top of the ice. It's all frosted. What, are we making a cake here? I'm not sure. 

frozen tree

The wind carries through the diamond glistening treetops, threatening to send limbs crashing to the ground and the roof. The sound of that wind through the tops mimics a crackling fire. I close my eyes and listen. But it's ice. Fire. Ice. I'm not sure.

frozen tree

A bag of donuts was opened. Some were eaten in the morning and some were eaten later. More were eaten even later than that. Was it a bag gone in one day? I'm not sure. Oh gawd, it was in one day, and I'm the one that did that. Belly ache proved it. 

frozen fence

Monday, Tuesday, Snow day, Saturday, Monday, Friday. I'm not sure. 

The roads are clear or they're not. Is it wet pavement or shiny slick? Can I make it up the hill, down the drive, out of the driveway? I'm not sure.

I think it's usually right around this time of winter that I really, really long for spring. We're kind of in the home stretch of winter now and it always feels longer than a cat's nap. I find myself wondering if spring will ever wake up. I know it will. 

It's gorgeous for sure, all of this white. It's late in the game, though, and would have been nicer around two months ago. 

Because the gray skies seem grayer near the end of winter, when spring does arrive, song birds will sing in perfect harmony, rays will fill the skies with more warmth, buds will bloom with more vibrance, green grass will be softer to bare toes, butterflies will be your very best friends, the days will last longer to give you more time to enjoy all that will be. All that is coming. And it is coming, so let's just all hang on. 

It's going to be spectacular. Of this, I am sure.



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