Monday, August 18, 2014


A couple or so weeks ago I had visitors come to my house to interview me about being poor. 

Today I had a visitor and we talked about nothing. We just sorta watched each other. I was able to sit on my back patio and adore this beautiful creature. 
I feel I am very rich.



which box has the snakes? is that not a normal question?

Right after the ordeal with the ticks I started making room in my garage to store my brother's things. I moved the rest of my unpacked boxes into the back porch. I was moving fast. Grab a box, stack it, grab another, stack it. Occasionally seeing a harmless spider and steady moving fast. Then I picked up a really heavy pot of some sort. It's really heavy and after I picked it up and heaved it onto a nearby trunk, I noticed a baby snake, not much longer than my finger, lying there on the cool garage concrete floor. He didn't move, and was a little rigid from where he had laid under that pot. Damn it. I thought I'd smashed him.

I roused him a bit, and he responded. I took him outside to the sunshine on a warm rock near the grass and slowly he smoothed out and finally took off. It made me happy. 

Now... which of those boxes that I grabbed and stacked is holding his brothers and sisters? 

PS - After the ticks and the snake, I stood outside and watched a couple of bats doing their own insect control. They start their night flight just before it gets dark. They flitter and flutter around and instantly dive down to swallow up a meal. They're really cool to watch and have around.  

PPS The next morning there was a downpour of rain, after it had stopped I heard what sounded like a running stream, and knowing that there's not a stream that close that I would hear it, I headed closer to the woods where it sounded loudest. The running stream came from the rain dripping from all of those trees. It. Was. The. Coolest. Sound. And there are gullies in there so maybe the water from the rain was rushing through those as well. Each little raindrop joined together to boldly sing the greatest chorus ever. 


Sunday, August 17, 2014

not weird at all

If I happen to be driving at night, and someone happens to have their window open where I can see into their lighted space - I like that. Not in a weird way, but just in a ... peeking-into-someone-else's-space way. Are they eating dinner? Do they have lots of lamps? Photo's on the walls? Stuff like that. Brief peeks. Not weird. 

As soon I have lamps plugged in and photo's on the wall and serving some beautiful food up, I'm going to give you guys a peek into my new shack. But for now we're going for a hike. 

The back yard has a pretty good stretch of some grassy hills and then it goes into the woods. There's a curly path, cleared by Grandaddy, that circles around the trees. The day before I got the key in my hand to this home, Jolie and I happily walked the path. We were about half way when a million, no, a trillion ticks were climbing our legs. OK, maybe 30. Jolie screamed and ran while I quickly finished the trail. We haven't gone back in there. Until yesterday. I went into the woods with my dog, Middy. Jolie had said no way. 
And when I say woods, I mean a gorgeous patch of woods to get lost in. Woods.

The path is kind-of hidden at the beginning, but then it's open and clearly marked. Middy and I were on and off of that path for maybe an hour or so. The air was humid and the smell of earth and moss and warm bark hung and lingered low. 

Every once in a while I would look down at my legs to search for any blood-suckers. I saw none. I quit looking. 

The woods are green and lush, and I heard a deer blowing or calling or chanting - Ain't no party like a hidden woods party cuz a hidden woods party don't stop! ??

Here's a tiny clip of what I heard. It only happens a couple of times at the beginning, but still, can you say love? PS - I've never uploaded a video from my own stuff so I hope it works.


Back in the day, I think a lot of people probably had their own dump on their own property. This was the case here. The first time I saw it I thought, "Ah, shit. That's gotta go." And I saw it as shit. And it does still have to go. Gradually I will bring load after load of it out of the woods. It 'bout killed my environmental, tree hugging ways. 

Glass. Leaves. Plastic. Bark. Metal. Grass. Aluminum. Moss. Wires. Vines.

Most of the things from this place were stripped away. Stolen. Of all those things, the one thing that I wonder about where it is, or what went of it, is Grandaddy's hat. A straw hat that had absolutely no value other than it was his. 

I got deeper into the woods thinking I'm in absolute heaven, and this time when I come up on the dump site, I start to look closer. I found a kind-of peace there. A bit of melancholy there. Beauty there. A fondness. It was good for the bitter-sweetness running through my heart. I saw treasures from who knows when. And I knew they were mostly treasures to R.C. Evans at one point in time. 

Middy and I kept walking, smelling, and looking. Then Middy was panting a different pant, her face a little stressed. It was very humid with rain coming. "Come on, Middy-Girl, let's head back", I said, and we made our way back to the house. 

I noticed Middy licking her paws, and I did a quick check to make sure she hadn't cut one or had anything stuck in one. I saw nothing. I started to pull my socks off to take a shower, and I saw a few ticks on my socks. 

Before we went into the woods I had bug-sprayed my bare legs, my socks, my shoes, and the tops of my jeans. Middy has an excellent necklace/tick collar. There is very rarely a time we see ticks from being in the yard. But those woods, man...

I was a little afraid to take my socks off and see what in the hell would lie beneath. And there they were. Those teeny ticks. Demons. These ticks are very tiny, and while there are several different kinds of ticks, they are all ticks to me. So... whatever. Some of them are so small, though, that you really can just barely see them. Only when they start to move are you sure it's a tick, and they were all around my ankles and feet. 

Clothes go straight into the wash, and I into the shower. After I scrubbed my skin off to my bones I felt safe. Then Jolie called me into the living room where she was with Middy. 

Tick apocalypse. 

Middy's fur appeared to be moving. There's no way to guess how many were on her paws. It was awful. And poor Middy knew it was awful when we were standing in the woods. It was too much, too many, too fast for her collar. 

"Outside!!", I yelled. "Time for a definite bath! Poor Middy-Girl. It's OK." 
"I told you you shouldn't have gone in there!!", Jolie yelled. x3

We scrubbed and scrubbed Middy. Middy shook and shook water everywhere.
And then I immediately showered again.

From the time we came out of the woods to the time we finished cleaning up, it took about an hour and a half. For two showers and one bath, for blankets that had any contact with Middy to be washed, and floors swept and swept. All because I wanted to get away from the bullshit nightmare in the world outside of mine. Turns out, I had my own bullshit nightmare waiting for me. Maybe an inferno would have been nice.

The part before the panting and the ticks, though? It was a beautiful peek into someone else's stuff. Not weird at all. 


Friday, August 8, 2014

positive vibes


Things are good. Like, the crust on fried chicken good. I wish everyone could taste this kind of good. I almost feel a little guilty for having it this good. I hold my breath and hope it will last forever. Financially, things couldn't be much worse. In the ways of living, though, it couldn't be much better. 
The financial is a drag, and so I won't write about it here, not right now anyway. But something very interesting did happen because of the financial drag, and soon I will write about that.

I caught some news today and clicked on some links and saw what everyone else is seeing for the first time in over a month. It put me in an instant funk. I'm sad for this world. I don't have any of the answers, and besides the very obvious of the nightmares that are going on, that's where the funk lies, I guess. Helplessness.

Not totally helpless, though. I'll do what I do and be how I am, and I'll spread my positive vibes, to whoever may catch them, from my shack to yours. It's simple and complex, but mostly simple. 

So here are some photos of where I hung out for a bit the other day and what I saw. 

Hope you all have a hopeful, peaceful, happy, playful weekend. 
And if you can, turn off the news. 


clothes pins

wild flowers

super moon
We're all on this one, beautiful, planet earth. We all look to the same moon in our night skies. I can't help but be cliche as fuck, but I really, really do hope for world peace. 

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